10/16/16: Active Weekend

(Model: Balance Health Studio bulldogs!!! <3)

can you buy zantac over the counter for babies I don’t really have anything to talk about today. I’ve had a pretty active weekend starting with playing ultimate for 2 hours on Saturday morning. Ultimate (aka ultimate frisbee) is kinda like football… I guess… except it’s with a frisbee instead of a football. I love playing and wish that I could play every day. Sunday morning I went to a spicy yoga class at Balance Health Studio. That class is so intense but I LIVE FOR IT!!! It’s an 1 1/2 long class but it feels like your in there for 30 minutes because everything is so fast paced. The best!!!

That was pretty much it for my weekend aside from sleeping a lot to avoid catching whatever my sister has. Side note: She was completely fever free today so she’ll be going back to school tomorrow! Thanks for checking in again!



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