10/13/16: Flu Season

Guys today was not my day. My sister has been sick for the past few days with what may be the flu. Naturally, I feel as though I have obtained this wretched disease. I spent the day not feeling like myself and lounging around taking cat naps and watching Netflix. Let’s just say, I was very bored.

I started the day feeling perfectly fine, like today was any other day. Half way through ENC 1101 I felt terrible. Oh btw— ENC 1101 is English Composition 1. I had the typical soar throat, upset stomach, head ache gig. I don’t think it was the flu but that has definitely been going around so initially it was my first thought.¬†Anyway, I stuck through my English class because it felt to awkward to leave and had decided I would just go home and skip American History. After class let out I went to my car and sat for a few minutes waiting for my mom to text back and tell me she thought it was okay to skip class. I know I know most kids would gladly skip class, sick or not. Let me explain my case.


First off I am still a high school student, supposed to be junior – graduating a year early senior. The way I did this was by jumping right into college and taking a few basic classes to finish up quicker. You see, a semester in college counts as a whole year in high school. The classes are definitely a lot more rigorous, fast paced, and there no way in hell you can get away with skipping class without a doctors note or some form of verification you were at a funeral. On top of that I’m VERY OCD about somethings and attendance is one of them.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I did not skip my American History class. I stuck through taking decent notes and lying low in class. Overall, I probably should have skipped and just emailed my teacher later because sticking through made me get really tired and feel even worse. So unfortunately I had to tell Hunter (the youtube/blogger I work for) that I wasn’t feeling well and if I could come in late that would be great because then I could get a bit of a nap in. Being the amazing person she is, she told me to go home, rest, and we’d film on Tuesday.

After that entire fiasco I went home slept and watched some Netflix. Typical. Honestly, I’m glad I took a rest day because there is no way I could give up the next week bed ridden with a retched cough like my sister. I would get way to bored. Anyway, eventful day aside, I’m going to get some sleep so I can guarantee not getting this sickness thats going around.



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