10/11/16: Fresh Start

I’m starting new. The post that you are viewing now is the beginning of a new chapter of my life. I’ve decided to use this platform as a way to share my aspirations, travels, thoughts, and opinions. Before I had wanted this blog to become a way for me to make an income. I was writing and creating without really being who I am just to try and fit into what most bloggers do. Of course it would be nice to someday have this space be a launching point for my business and or income; however, for now this is a place that I want to make my own. I was previously stretched out on the idea of my blog being a chore instead of something that I enjoyed. Now, I’m working toward creating content that I’m interested in, whether it be my photography, traveling experiences, food struggles, or lets be honest… rant sessions. I suppose a better word for that may be my everyday thoughts.


Instead of doing the traditional blog post – fashion feature, link this sweater, oh this shirt is the comfiest thing blah blah blah – I’ll at first be taking more of a journal approach. Trust me, somedays I may not “journal” because I honestly forget or get to caught up in my everyday life  (Aka sleep, run, school, work, sleep). Which, if were going to keep this authentic, I think that’s perfectly fine. And of course, just like in a journal not everything will be grammatically correct. Don’t judge. There may be points where you get completely lost, which is fine, and if you don’t like it let me know.


Since I’ll be taking the journalistic approach I will be talking about my everyday experiences. Which means I will be talking about people in my life. Which means some may be good and some may be bad. I hardly ever talk bad about people, but lets be honest… everyone gets frustrated sometimes. For the sake of everyone’s ego and confidence I will be using different names. Don’t freak out. This whole blog is not going to be based on my teenage drama. Everyone has their own issues they have to deal with they probably won’t want to hear about mine. Now, if the issue seems relevant I will share it. Thank god none of my peers actually read this thing.

I hope you all enjoy this new era of my life. Haha I felt so posh saying that but I just had to. I hope you can stick around to witness my life, laugh at it and maybe cry. If you don’t like it I know for a fact there are a million other blogs who are doing it the “traditional” way. Thank you for listening and have a good day.



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