Summer Camp This summer I’m going to be a camp counselor at this old summer camp I used to go to! I’m so excited about it that I planned this cute little outfit inspired by the clothes we used to wear at camp! Enjoy! 


go This shirt is the image of the 90s! My dad started this t-shirt company called Hula Bunz, with the help of his dad and let’s just say he wasn’t extremely successful. When we moved a while back he found extras of the t-shirts he didn’t sell and I loved them! I wanted to sell them, start my own online store and even wear a few. But, I wasn’t very motivated and my dad decided that he should just go ahead and send them to Goodwill. Thankfully I kept one for myself and I love it! I wish I had kept the others so I could start that online store now haha.


These pants are the cutest thing in the world. My mom, sister, and I were shopping around Old Navy for a few spring dresses when my mom happened upon these cute shorts. Immediately tried them on and fell in love. They’re so comfy and I can dress them up or down!


Does anyone else remember these headbands growing up? I used to wear these things all the time and they were perfect because they always kept the hair out of my face! I was a crazy little kid and I was always playing outside, running around with super long hair and then a messy bob. The Haileigh hair evolution story is kind of a cycle. Long hair, bob, long hair, bob. This headband is perfect for both lengths of hair.


I’ve talked about these shoes before I’m sure. I backpacked all through Spain, France, and Italy with these shoes and I still wear them all of the time. I’ll probably even still be wearing them when I go to college. I mean really, Birkenstocks are made to last and they have the best support for people with bad feet.



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