Gypsy Shorts


Feeling the warm sea salty air run against you skin is a feeling I’ll never stop loving, even on days I don’t enjoy living at the beach, which any sane person would say never happens. Living in a semi tropical place has its perks and downfalls,


  • Swimsuit life all day, all year baby
  • Super chill vibes
  • Cute surfer beach guys all around
  • Water is everywhere!! Walk 10 ft “Oh hey! Another pool/ocean/lake!!”
  • I live where you vacation :p


  • 2 month winter, 1 week spring
  • 90 degrees and toasty 80% of the year
  • Everything is drenched in sweat, literally everything
  • You forget to put sunscreen on one morning? Welcome to Lobsterville!
  • Wacky toursits man. I mean really? They somehow leave their brains at home.

In light of the warm weather that is already here I’ve put together this great beach day bike riding outfit that I wear often. I mean really though, even if you don’t get the same exact shorts I have, even the style of shorts are great for hot summer days in any place your going.

_G3A1006 _G3A1054 _G3A1069 _G3A1071

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    Omg I’m so glad to see you blogging again! All your posts are so great and fun! Keep it up!

    April 8, 2016 at 2:18 pm
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