Beach Day Essentials

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buy provigil usa Since spring break is here and summer is right around the corner so I’ve put together a few of my beach time favorites! You’ll find yourself protected by the sun, ready for any adventure, and inspired by life and the little things with these beach time essentials. 

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Whether your at the pool, beach, lake, or spending time outdoors everyone needs sunscreen during the summer! I have extremely sensitive skin so I always have to be careful about what kind of sunscreen I use otherwise I may spend the whole time at the beach itching and feeling like my skin is on fire. Yeah, not so fun. Over the years I’ve stuck to one type of sunscreen and thats Sun Bum! I love their packaging and it’s earthy natural vibes. This sunscreen always keeps from getting sunburnt and honestly I’d recommend it to anyone!!


This backpack is by far one of the best small compact travel bags I’ve ever used! It can fit everything I bring with me to school and more. I love love love this bag and I know I’m a little late to joining this trend but I sure am glad I did!


Okay wow. I could write a whole post on this book if I could. It is the cutest, most inspirational little thing I’ve ever seen. After reading it I felt so refreshed and inspired to do new things with my life. A lot of books don’t do that for me but this one definitely did! The author, Katie Daisy, seems so whimsical and pleasant and seeing this book makes me happy that there are people who are like that in this world.

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