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                     Haileigh’s Outfit:                                                              Emma’s Outfit:

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New Orleans is probably one of my favorite cities in the world! I love the people, shops, music, and food and someday, I’ll probably end up living there. My mom’s side of the family have all lived there and some still do, so we visit often. Out of all the times I’ve visited I still think the key to visiting New Orleans is having a comfortable outfit. So, for this blog post, my sister and I have put together the best possible walking and exploring outfits, that are perfect for New Orleans. 


American Eagle’s Soft and Sexy tops are the best thing in the world! Half of my closet is made up of these tops and the second these things go on sale I’ll buy even more. I know I keep going on about these things, but they are the softest shirts ever! So for this outfit post I’m wearing one of the Soft and Sexy shirts and it was perfect for walking around in the city all day. I also paired my mom’s old Gap jean jacket, which is super comfy and perfect for when it was a little cold and windy.


For my pants I’m wearing my Lululemon high waisted leggings that I absolutely adore! Their the comfiest things in the world and perfect for walking around the city all day. These leggings are also perfect for long car rides and plane flights! It’s like wearing pajamas but being dressed up at the same time!  I’m also wearing my favorite converse hightops that have been on repeat in all of my outfits. These shoes are perfect for lots of walking!




My younger sister, Emma, has such an interesting and crazy sense of fashion and I love it! For this outfit Emma is wearing another super soft American Eagle fitted stripped shirt that she loves wearing as a t-shirt or a nice shirt too. Emma loves to stand out so she -of course- chose this Lush eyeliner to go with this outfit. She’s also wearing a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans that fit perfectly and were great for walking around New Orleans!


If you know Emma, you know she has a lot of crazy patterned socks and always wears them mismatched! She has so many different pairs that they fill up an entire drawer! For this outfit she’s wearing another pair of crazy socks that she bought at a boutique a while back. I asked Emma to pick out a few pairs of socks that she’d recommend for this outfit from one of out favorite sock companies out there! Also in this outfit, Emma is wearing a great pair of white converse low tops that were great for walking around the city and match this outfit perfectly.


One of our favorite things to do while we visit New Orleans is to go to our favorite hat shop called Goorin Brothers! They have so many different hats to pick from that the second you walk in you know you’ll be in there for over an hour. They also have this cute little button on all of their hats so that you know it’s one of theirs! This trip Emma picked up a new beanie, and it finishes off the outfit perfectly!

_G3A0371These outfits are great for everyday work or school but also for a lot of walking in a big city! Comment down below if you want to see more of Emma and her awesome fashion sense in another blog post soon!

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