Instagram Recap

  1. Hello to the best people in the world, aka my amazing photography class 😉 We always have the most fun taking photos and I have some pretty amazing pictures from a shoot we did a few days ago.
  2. My best friend (one of them ahaha), Sophia is always so smiley and happy to pose for photos for me! She lives 5 hours away and I miss her a lot.
  3. Green Goddess. The best Raw and Juicy drink I’ve ever had and probably the most refreshing drink thats ever touched my tastebuds! Love, love, love.
  4. 6:13 am sunrise. Enough said.
  5. This is probably the most genuine photo I’ve ever had taken of me. The emotions that are portrayed are raw, real, and full of joy. Makes sense, I was in the car with Syd, Hannah, and Brantley, three of the most happy people I’ve met.


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