Treating Yourself Well

Something thats really important to me is being healthy and happy. I recently went to a chiropractor/ nutritionist/wellness doctor and it was amazing! I feel so much better and ready to take on any kind of challenge that comes at me. Last year I had been really fit, active, and healthy and I kinda strayed away from that. I had been thinking about how I really wanted to get back to that lifestyle and so this doctor visit really helped. So, to help you get in on a healthy, active, and positive lifestyle I’ve created a few different tips and ways to get back at it!

  1.  Eat well! Eating better can make a huge difference in not only your physical health, but your mental health too. I just started eating better today and I’m already feeling a lot cleaner and happier.  My full nutrition plan is really simple too!: Fiber, Fats and Protein. I get fiber from vegetables and some fruits, fats from eggs, vegetables and some nuts, and protein from lean meats! I’m not a big fan of red meat, but thats something thats good to have in your diet too!
  2. Sleep. Sleep plays a huge role in your well being. Sleep is probably the best kind of medicine and it can help tremendously. Getting a full 8 hrs a day will make a significant difference in your attitude and how you act throughout the day!
  3. Exercise. I know, the dreaded word, but trust me exercise will help a ton with your well being! You’ll sleep better, feel better, and even eat better too. Exercise has helped me a lot with my anxiety and pent up energy that I don’t expend on a normal day!
  4. People. Surrounding yourself with good people who support you in everything you do is really important. If your surrounded by a bunch of negative energy then the things that you do in life might not be as genuine and as good as they can be. Having at least one person that makes you happy and supports you is even good!

Whatever you do, even if you don’t follow these tips – which you aren’t at all obligated to btw – I think that all of you deserve to be happy and excited about your life. Being happy and healthy are to major things that I think a super important in order for you to be successful in life. All I want for you guys is to be content and actually get something from these posts, so I hope you got something from this one!

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