Life At It’s Best

Wow it’s been a while! I took a break for the holidays and had an amazing time with lots of family and friends, and now I’m super pumped and super ready for Christmas and hopefully some cold weather. A few weekends ago I went on a fun little camping trip and I – of course – brought my camera with me and took a few photos! I’ve been realizing lately that I bring my camera with me almost everywhere! I always have it in my backpack with me at school and most of the time its in extremely close proximity. I love photography and everything that I have and will get from it!

Most of the other photos that I have are from a trip to Baytowne and the ice rink. I’m super proud of the first one – which is of Hannah! – because 1. The colors and everything feel super good and 2. I’ve finally put some of the things I’ve learned in my photography class to use! How amazing is that? Granted, I didn’t take the last photo (which is of my btw) and all the photo credit for that one goes to Sydney! Syd’s actually the girl on her phone in this series but she’s also a great photographer and she always knows how to make someone smile. I’ve been super happy and excited about the new opportunities, experiences, and people I’ve been spending time with! To top it all off, I’m very very excited for new adventures in the future that include a little more travel 😉 *wink* *wink* Sending lots of love to all of you who are reading this and I can’t wait to share more of my life with you soon!

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