Photo Diary: Cooking Expedition

At Ohana we have a cooking elective that a few of the high schoolers take two days a week. I’m taking the photography elective but we had the day off last Friday, and we were able to go to another elective and take photos. I took some photos of the kids in the cooking elective and I even got to take some photos of one of our teachers new born baby! Her name is Murphy and she’s the cutest thing in the world, all full of energy and so happy all the time. Mr. Ryan (her dad) is such an amazing dad and he absolutely ADORES Murphy!

The whole cooking class is such an amazing and funny group of kids, and it was so much fun to watch them. Kade – the blonde haired guy who has a portrait photo – is always walking around acting like the master chef and thinking he’s an amazing baker, which he is. Wiley – the guy in the blue sweater – is by far the funniest and sweetest person I’ve ever met! Of course, theres Mr. Cory – the other one I took a portrait of – is an amazing cooking teacher and he fits right in with the group! I love the cooking class and it was so much fun taking photos of them. Have a great weekend and happy Halloween!

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