Dear Emma…

This post is sorta kinda dedicated to my sister Emma, but also to anyone else who is going through life with a little bit of recent trouble. We all hit bumps in the road, come to tough decisions, and face awkward social situations, but in the end – most of the time – everything works out and you really get to learn something from the situation you just encountered. I love giving advice to people and helping with things when someones in a tough situation or their upset, sometimes that can be overwhelming, but in all life is pretty overwhelming too. 

When you hit a bump in the road…I hit bumps in my plans all the time! I’m an extremely organized and avid planner so pretty much everyday my plans get messed up. Sure it’s sometimes very useful to have everything planned out, but then when things don’t go my way I usually get pretty upset and frustrated. This does no good for me or anyone else! Because then after that I’m miserable and I don’t enjoy things as I should. So what I’ve learned from times like those, is that I need to let go, relax, and take life as it comes to me. Now trust me, this can be a very tough thing to accomplish and I’ve been working on it for the past few years and I still haven’t mastered it. However, when I do let myself relax and not plan everything out I have even more fun than if I had tried to plan everything. Plus, if you spend all your time planning everything then you’ll most likely miss the fun events.

When you must face a tough decision…Life is full of tough decisions and you’ll have to face them everyday. When something does come to light that you have to decide on, my advice to you, is to take a step back. Step away from the situation, take a walk, and don’t think about it for a little while. Then, when you have to revisit the situation again, look at how the options you must choose from would impact you and the people around you. Will this make me happy? Will this help other? Will this cause a positive or negative impact? Then when you come to your conclusion make the decision that your gut tells you to. Remember not to over analyze the situation too though.

When you face an awkward situation…Awkward situations are literally everywhere. I personally, have horrible social anxiety, and when I encounter a social situation that I don’t particularly like, I get beat red, have trouble breathing, my head goes blank, and I get awfully sweaty hands. It’s quite a show, my friend. Even though all of this does happen, I’ve gotten better at enduring these encounters. The funny thing is, I have no trouble whatsoever going up and talking to a grown adult or people much older than me, but when you put me in a group of teenagers around my same age + older, I freeze up and don’t know what to say. This is really hard to deal with because when this happens – and it does – I end up seeming like I don’t want to be around that person or those people. I hate that this happens because then those people don’t invite me to go do things with them, and I end up feeling hurt in the end. What I’ve done to combat all of this is, when I do reach this point or I’m thrown into a situation like this, I say everything that comes to my head without overthinking it first. And guess what?! People love me and love to be around me when I’m like this! Crazy right? I still have a ton of trouble combating this but trust me, I’m working on it! Big time!

Wow, that last one was long wasn’t it? I love writing things like this because then I feel like I can really tell you guys how I feel. If you have any advice, funny stories that relate to any of these, or just want to tell me what you thought, please do! I love to hear from you guys and what you think about the things I write!! Have a great week!


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    All very good advice!!!!

    October 29, 2015 at 1:57 pm
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