Asheville, North Carolina

buy Pregabalin australia I’ve spent the past few days in my favorite place…. Asheville, North Carolina. To me, Asheville is an amazing place and I’d love to live here one day! The hills, hiking, outdoors, and the fall colors make visits here even better. Our trip started off with my mom, sister, and I driving a full 12 hours to a small cabin in the woods, where we’d meet my mom’s sister. We have so many fun things planned and I can’t wait to tell you guys about our trip! As you can probably tell by now, I love fall, and this visit so far has brought me 66 degree weather, a million cups of peppermint tea, and so many falling leaves. The mountains here are gorgeous! Each mountain you look at is covered in brightly colored trees going from shades of red, orange, yellow, and light greens. We’ve taken full advantage of our location and gone on a thousand hikes and spent many afternoons beside the pond, where my sister chases the ducks (more like they chase her haha). I’m going to dread the morning I have to leave this magical place, but for now I’m going to enjoy my hot tea and sit by our fireplace, while my mom and sister learn to knit gloves – wish them luck! What kind of fall travels have you guys been on recently? Have a great weekend and enjoy the simple things in life!

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