Best Friends and The Beach

see     So sadly summer is coming to an end and we will soon be back to going to school and doing our normal routine. I can definitely tell you that I will be missing 9 am wake up calls and pancakes on repeat. To end the summer right my best friend Sophia came down for a visit! I’ve known this girl since I was 6 months old and we haven’t separated since! Sadly 5 years ago I moved down to the beach and now a days we spend the summer glued to the hip and recounting all our memories from the past school year. I start school about a week early than Sophia and her and her family came down to have fun with us on our last few days of summer. Here are some photos from one of our evenings on the beach. I absolutely love the time of the day when the sun has just set and there are still a few rays of light left in the sky!    I bet you can imagine what she’s pointing at in this first photo: “hey cute boys!” Hahaha I love my Phia! Come back soon for another blog post, headed your way tomorrow.

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