Traveling to Spain

buy Deltasone doctor prescription      As one of my first true blog posts I wanted to share a bit about one of my many passions: traveling! My school, Ohana Institute, is currently touring all over northern Spain and yesterday was our first day of the adventure. I really do love traveling with the school because it’s a great way to get to know people outside of all the work. 

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      Our flight from Altanta to Madrid lasted 8 hours and it was over night so I was able to take photos of sunset and sunrise! As expected our group got very little sleep on the long flight here. But that didn’t stop us from going straight into touring Madrid. 


      One of the first things we went and saw was this really cool bull fighting arena called Plaza de Toros. The tour guide told us that they have bull fights every Sunday and that in the month of May they have bull fights everyday! 


      Then we went to this park  where we saw some more cool statues. And yes that guy in the white tshirt is my dad, and yes he does have a selfie stick. 

     In all Madrid is a pretty cool city, almost everyone has jet lag and we have loved seeing the some historical  parts of Spain. Madrid has been great and were supposed to have free time soon so we can go explore city. Check in later to see more about our time in Madrid! 



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